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Pour tous ceux qui souhaitent explorer à pied ou à vélo notre belle et diverse région frontalière autour du Coin des trois pays Belgique, Allemagne, Pays-Bas sans se soucier des frontières, un calculateur d’itinéraires pédestres et cyclistes est désormais disponible sous la forme d’une application mobile quadrilingue.

Aug 22, 2019


The first STAR Cities Interregional Learning Session took place in Rome from 17 to 19 July 2019. The three-day event was hosted by the Lazio Region and was dedicated to study visits, a day of workshop and to finish with, the steering committee.

Jul 31, 2019


NECSTouR is pleased to announce its election as a Member of the Board of the UNWTO Affiliate Members.


Jul 23, 2019


NECSTouR congratulates the Finnish Government for having chosen to focus its semester of Presidency of the Council of the European Union - from July until December 2019 - around the slogan "Sustainable Europe, Sustainable Future".


The priorities for Finland’s Presidency are

Jul 12, 2019