Tourism in the geopolitics of the Mediterranean

Tourism in the geopolitics of the Mediterranean

Oct 31, 2019



  • Prologue
  • Keys to thinking about tourism in the Mediterranean
  • Unequal geographical development and tourism
  • Air transport, airports and port infrastructures in the Mediterranean
  • Residential tourism and its expansion in the Mediterranean
  • Tourist development on the southern Mediterranean coast: the case of Saïdia
  • Tourism and the transformation of rural space
  • Sustainability to debate in the tourist destinations of the Mediterranean
  • Tourism and climate change in the Mediterranean region
  • Climate change and geological risks: the effect of tourism in the Mediterranean
  • Gentrification, touristification and social class in Mediterranean cities
  • Tourism degrowth
  • Security, terrorism and tourism in the Mediterranean
  • ‘Touristic Security’: Interrogating an Emerging Security Practice
  • Refugees and tourists: the two faces of Mediterranean geopolitics
  • Annex: Experiences Southern Europe as an anti-tourism political space

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