Gala dinner and award ceremony BAHA

Event Address: 
Bulevar Nikole Tesle, Beograd


23rd of February 2017, 20:00

Amphora Restaurant, Belgrade


NECSTouR attended the Award cerimony organised by the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations (BAHA). It is the union of the Hotel Associations of the Balkan Countries: Republic of Bulgaria, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina., Republic of Albania., Republic of Romania.

This event was part of the Belgrade Tourism Fair and it has been an occasion for NECSTouR to reinforce the engagement towards this geographical area of Europe.

The gala dinner has been indeed attended by representatives of the Serbian Ministry of Tourism, the Tourist Organization of Serbia, the Tourism Fair, as well as members of the Balkan Alliance of Hotel from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albaije, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Mr Tomaso Comazzi from the NECStouR permanent Secretariat picked-up a special price for NECSTouR (read more)



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