We do not have an Eiffel Tower, no palm trees, no cheap beer or a leaning tower, not even a pyramid. So why on earth would you travel to Sweden?

Because we’re different. Sweden is different.

We have paternity leave, and Northern Lights, we have equality and moose, our pop music and meatballs are addictive, our organisations and furniture packages are flat, we make hotels out of ice and movies about anxiety, nature is untouched and there´s the “freedom to roam” (allemansrätt/The Right of Public Access) – welcome.

We are something else - the way we look, talk and operate, in our lifestyle, our culture and natural environment. It’s a mindset, and we don’t pretend to be big, we are the underdogs and this is something nice that gives us the luxury of not having to please everybody.

So dear traveller, when you think you’ve seen everything -  welcome to Sweden.

Welcome to something else.




Region Kalmar Län,
Fakturaskanning, Box 601
39216, Kalmar (Sweden)



Karin Ekebjär
Telephone: +46 480448374