Calabria Region


If a Vespa-riding, siesta-loving, unapologetically chaotic Italy still exists, it's in Calabria. Rocked by recurrent earthquakes and lacking a Matera or Lecce to give it high-flying tourist status, this is a corner of Italy less globalised and homogenised.
For more information: www.visitcalabria.it

Cittadella Regionale,
V.le Europa, Loc. Germaneto
88100, Catanzaro
+39 0961853155


Tommaso Calabró
Cittadella Regionale,
V.le Europa, Loc. Germineto
88100, Catanzaro



PM4SD European Summer School


Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Tourism is a High Level European Summer School to address one of the most important themes in the tourism industry: how to improve sustainable tourism projects success and monitor the benefits of funded initiatives.

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