Gabrovo Province

The Municipality of Tryavna represent the Province fo Gabrovo within NECStouR.

The historical and architectural reservation in Tryavna is among its main attractions. Some of the best examples of buildings from the Bulgarian Renaissance period have been well preserved. The seven museum collections contain unique pieces of art from the late medieval period, such as icons and woodcarvings.The town of Tryavna has preserved its old town square, the only one left in the country, which has been proclaimed as a Monument of Architecture.

For more information visit: www.tryavna.eu


Municipality of Tryavna
59 Stara planina Str.
Tryavna - BULGARIA


Greta Gospodinova
Municipality of Tryavna
59 Stara planina Str.
Tryavna - BULGARIA



Gala dinner and award ceremony BAHA


23rd of February 2017, 20:00

Amphora Restaurant, Belgrade


NECSTouR attended the Award cerimony organised by the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations (BAHA). It is the union of the Hotel Associations of the Balkan Countries: Republic of Bulgaria, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina., Republic of Albania., Republic of Romania.

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