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  • Welcome to the NECSTouR Good Practice Data Base. This section is dedicated only to NECSTouR Members. Please log in with your member account to have full access.

The DG is a holiday region. Tourism in the DG is quality-based: those who expect more will find it here. Alongside the natural environment, the area’s gastronomic wealth is another trump card. Numerous hotels in the region also offer their guests “wellness” packages to relax, renew and recharge.

The territory of the DG lies within the Nature Park “High Fen – Eifel”. 40% of the surface area of the DG is forested. Dense coniferous plantations give way to spacious mixed forestry and deciduous woodland. In winter, snow covered pistes and cross-country ski trails tracks attract weekenders. And all the year round, hikers, walkers and cyclists – the sportive and the leisurely – come to explore our comprehensive network of routes and tracks.

Between the Eifel and the so-called “Eupener Land” lies the High Fen, one of Europe’s last altitude wetlands. The construction of miles of wooden causeways has made this protected area of spectacular natural beauty accessible to walkers.

Well known for its gastronomy – the majority of chefs in the DG have honed their skills at first-class addresses both at home and abroad – the region’s game dishes are its particular claim to fame. The region’s hotel infrastructure is comprehensive. At least a dozen hotels in the area offer their clients wellness spas that invite one to relax after an energetic day in the fresh air.

The south of the DG, with its hilly green landscapes, its streams and meadows, invites one to dawdle and dream.  Visitors to the DG find here an antidote to mass tourism. 2,500 kilometres of cycle and hiking tracks lead one through woods and fields, along streams and past idyllic villages. The RAVeL-Cycle Touring Route along the embankment of the “Vennbahn” (the former Fen Rail) is, with its 130 kilometres, Europe’s longest accessible trans-frontier embankment route, passing through Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Everywhere in the DG, glimpses of past glories and past struggles of a rich history are revealed, whether in the form of historical monuments, churches, mansions, wealthy merchants’ town houses, archaeological sites or, not least, the many collections housed in museums. And the castles, manor houses and fortified farms alone are well worth a visit to the region.

For more information visit: www.dg.be



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NECSTouR Explores a Possible Cooperation with the German Parliament

Aug 28, 2018


Representatives of NECSTouR attended the German Bundestag Reception on the 27th of August in Brussels. The event has been hosted by Mr. Volker Timmermann, Chargé d’affairs of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Kingdom of Belgium

The aim of the event was to discuss about the main tourism priorities for the German Bunderstagand namely Visa, Transport and Internal Market.


Good Practice


The German Community Speaking of Belgium is using ERDF to support employment and to promote destinations and itineraries while the EARDF to attract new investments.

Examples of this use are:

  • Digitalisation of tourism information
  • Complete revision of hiking trails network and signing (system with points of intersection) which is an ongoing project



NECSTouR at Committee on Transport and Tourism - Tourism Task Force

"Funding from the Perspective of Regions: Lessons Learned"

Tuesday 12th of July 2016, European Parliament

Last Tuesday 12th of July 2016, NECSTouR intervened at the last Meeting of the EP's Committee on Transport and Tourism, focused on an exchange of views about accessing the EU Funding for Investment in Tourism. Ms. Cristina Nuñez - NECSTouR's Coordinator - delivered a well appreciated presentation entitled: "Funding from the Perspective of Regions: Lessons Learned".