The university of Malaga is a Campus of International excellence. It offers 67 Graduation Programmes, 65 Official Masters, 21 PHDs Programmes and 57 Specific Titles. The Faculty of Tourism is particularly focused on promoting a tourism of quality for the whole Andalusian Region.


Edificio de Hostelería y Turismo. Campus de Teatinos.
C/ León Tolstoi s/n
Málaga 29071



Christoph Schroder


The University of Malaga has joined the Network!

Oct 02, 2016


We are very pleased to confirm that the Executive Committee of NECSTouR has approved the adhesion of the University of Malaga to the Network, as an Academic Member.
Please receive a warm welcome to NECSTouR!


"The University of Malaga is new member of NECSTouR. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and exchange on tourism" With this tweet, the University of Malaga celebrated the adhesion to NECStouR.




Ports towards accessibility and sustainable maritime transport in the Mediterranean

The "Ports towards accessibility and sustainable maritime transport in the Mediterranean" seminar is organized on the 13 and 14th of April 2015 by the Intermediterranean Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions in the frame of the COM&CAP MarInA-Med project (Med Programme 2007-2013), and in collaboration with our m