NECSTouR'sintervention on measurability at subnational level at the UNWTO

NECSTouR'sintervention on measurability at subnational level at the UNWTO

Feb 05, 2017


The Committee on Sustainable Tourism Statistics of the UNWTO held its seventeen meeting on the 24th and 25th of January at the UNWTO headquarters in Madrid.

This Committee gathers 65 representatives of national statistics Institutes committed to the project Statistical Framework Measuring Sustainable Tourism: the “SF MST”.

NECSTouR was invited to present why and how measurability at subnational level has been at the core of the Network and is translated into the activities of a dedicated working group, which deals with sustainable tourism indicators in the NECSTouR Regions and their destinations.

The process of defining the features of measuring tourism at subnational level is proving a complex exercise which is producing already a range of reports including case studies. Those are available at the INRouTe website.

In the context of measurability of sustainable tourism at subnational level, particular reference must be given to the high quality work undertaken by INRouTE, observer of this Committee. INRouTE has produced the document “Tourism, territory and sustainability: a statistical insight at subnational levels—Toward a Set of UNWTO Guidelines” that gathers information on and argues for the importance of developing guidelines for measuring tourism performance at subnational level. It is based on the International Recommendations for Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account and the International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics 2008 Compilation Guide. The document was discussed at the Committee and is currently under global discussion meaning that additional valuable contributions are still possible through the INRouTE secretariat contact details, or by accessing the following link: http://www.inroutenetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/INRouTe_2016_SUBJECT_INDEX.pdf

INRouTe’s work is expected to be further discussed at the 6th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism Statistics: Measuring Sustainable Tourism taking place in Manila, The Philippines, between 21-24 June 2017.

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