Tourism Carrying Capacity: A Tool for the Cultural Heritage Management

Aug 08, 2019


Researches from Links Foundation (previously SiTi) are authors of this publication edited by the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Which is the maximum number of people who can visit a site, without compromising its environmental, physical, economic and socio-cultural characteristics and without reducing tourist satisfaction?

SiTi (and then LINKS) applied this evaluation for several UNESCO sites and reports in this study their experience.

Research for REGI Committee - The Agenda for Cohesion Policy in 2019-2024: Key issues for the REGI Committee

Jul 25, 2019


On request of the REGI-committee of the European Parliament, the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies  Directorate-General for Internal Policies published a research report on the agenda for Cohesion Policy in 2019-2024, containing the key issues for the REGI-committee.

Read the Report


UNWTO Guidelines for the Development of Gastronomy Tourism

Jul 04, 2019


UNWTO and the Basque Culinary Center have drawn up a guide to provide a set of practical tools for national tourism administrations (NTAs) and destination management organizations (DMOs) that wish to develop gastronomy tourism.

This set of tools has been created to guide and support NTAs and DMOs and to facilitate their efforts to develop and manage any form of gastronomy tourism, especially during the initial phases of development of a gastronomy destination.