Policy Recommendations by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community

Jan 13, 2020

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community (the Community) is a transnational partnership of 18 sustainable tourism projects funded by the Interreg MED Programme. It aims to move towards sustainable coastal and maritime tourism by capitalising on project results and lessons learned. Based on the experience gained in the field implementing these projects, the Community aims to provide Euro-Mediterranean authorities and other stakeholders with strategic guidance on how to move towards sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean.

UNWTO - Transport-related CO2 Emissions of the Tourism Sector

Dec 16, 2019

The number of tourists travelling across borders is expected to reach 1.8 billion a year by 2030, according to the latest UNWTO predictions. This will be alongside a further 15.6 billion domestic tourist arrivals. Such growth will bring many opportunities, including socioeconomic development and job creation. At the same time, however, greenhouse gas emissions linked to tourism-related transport are also rising, challenging the tourism sector’s ambition to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement.

State of the Industry: The 2019 Report on Travel Advertising

Nov 22, 2019

The digital advertising ecosystem grows increasingly complex for travel marketers. To that end, Sojern surveyed more than 600 travel marketers around the world to better understand how they’re navigating these complexities. We examine their key challenges, how they are allocating advertising budget across channels, where they are finding success, and what technologies may impact the future of marketing.

UNWTO - Global Report on Women in Tourism – Second Edition

Nov 08, 2019

The Global Report on Women in Tourism 2010 provided the first look and a baseline study on the situation of women in the tourism sector. This second edition of the report considers how the situation has evolved since then and provides a thorough assessment of tourism’s contribution towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 – to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

EUROPARC's 10 Good Principles for Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas

Oct 31, 2019


The exponential growth of sport activities in protected natural spaces brings the necessity to structure the way these activities are carried out. At a time when preserving our ecosystems is vital to guarantee a healthy future of nature and people, the Principles aim mainly to lower the impact of outdoor sports on the environment.

Furthermore, these 10 Principles for Outdoor Sports guarantee the maintenance of quality and bring added value to the activities, an aspect that benefits all stakeholders in the sports sector.

Opinion by the European Economic and Social Committee. International Trade and Tourism - A Global Agenda for Sustainable Development

Oct 31, 2019


With this opinion, the EESC wishes to stress the close link between tourism and international trade and underline their shared importance in achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

Key points:

New Business Models in the Accommodation Industry – Benchmarking of Rules and Regulations in the Short-term Rental Market

Oct 18, 2019


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has published the first systematic overview of how both national governments and local authorities are addressing and managing new business models in the accommodation industry.

Read the Executive Summary