Les Roches / Skift Report: The Future of Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Aug 21, 2017


The hospitality industry is in the midst of one of the most dramatic periods of change in its history. Everything from the consumer shift to mobile, to new industry forces like Airbnb and changing travel habits are each creating new challenges and business opportunities for hospitality entrepreneurs. Where should entrepreneurs looking to start new businesses focus their time and money? At the same time, how can established hospitality businesses seize on these changes to adapt and grow their own organizations?

Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean: State of Play and Strategic Directions

Aug 03, 2017


Although tourism is a vector for economic growth -representing 11% of the region’s GDP and 11% of jobs- it also brings with it a depletion of natural resources, an increase in pollution and a deterioration of cultural treasures, not to mention income distribution that does not always benefit local populations. The United Nations’ declaration of 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism provides an opportunity to put several projects into action.

Exploratory Study of consumer issues in peer-to-peer platform markets

Jul 28, 2017


The European Commission (DG Justice and Consumers) has published a study on five peer-to-peer platform markets, identifying the main issues for peer consumers and providers from the consumer perspective.

NECSTouR has been actively involved in the drafting of that report. It is indeed among the stakeholders who contributed with views and opinions during the study process.


Press release: Europe Plans Matchmaking to Promote Itself to China and the USA

Jul 26, 2017


A joint media release from ETOA, ETC and ECIAA has been published, presenting their programme of educational conferences and matchmaking events to promote Europe as a tourist destination to some of the world’s most important outbound travel markets.

The programme, named Partnerships in European Tourism, will see a series of eight conferences and business-to-business matchmaking events, taking place within the EU and in the target markets of China and the USA.

Read the press release

ETC Bulletin. News from the European Travel Commission

Jul 18, 2017


ETC has published a new edition of its “ETC Bulletin. News from the European Travel Commission”.

Click here to download your copy and find out more about ETC's current activities and its member organisations.

The highlights of this edition:

  • Peter De Wilde re-elected as ETC President

  • Europe gears up to capitalise on prowess of China as a source market

  • Sustainable Tourism in Europe - Status Quo and Common Challenges