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  • Welcome to the NECSTouR Good Practice Data Base. This section is dedicated only to NECSTouR Members. Please log in with your member account to have full access.

Cohesion Policy


NECSTouR Invited to Establish Synergies at the Inaugural Conference of MED PEARLS Project in Barcelona

Nov 19, 2019

NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat was invited by NECSTouR presidency the Catalonia Region  - leader of the MED PEARLS initiative to moderate a roundtable during their inaugural conference on “The Mediterranean As Innovative, Integral and Unique Destination for Slow Tourism” on the 19th of november in Barcelona.


European Week of Regions and Cities: Our List of Sessions about Tourism

Aug 18, 2016

As usual, NECStouR will dedicate many attention and will actively participate into the 14th European Week of Regions and Cities.
The event will be held from the 10th to the 13rd of October 2016 at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels. This is the annual opportunity to focus on the challenges currently facing Europe's regions and cities.
Under the headline ‘Regions and cities for sustainable and inclusive growth’, some 100 sessions, seminars and meetings will be organized alongside the following thematic strands:



UNWTO Master Class on “Attracting Chinese Tourism to the Mediterranean Countries”

The UNWTO and the Ministry for Tourism draw upon this phenomenon, and taking into account that 2018 has been designated as the European Union-China Tourism Year, have formulated this Master Class on the belief that the Mediterranean brand comprises a number of distinct attributes which should enable Mediterranean countries and destinations to develop a clear market positioning based on a set of unique selling propositions which are attractive to Chinese tourists.

The EU-China Tourism Year 2018: New investment opportunities for the tourism sector in Bulgaria

The event is aiming to present the recently launched initiative of the European Commission “2018 EU-China Tourism Year” (ECTY) to the Bulgarian tourism stakeholders and business community and to create opportunities for new investment flows in the tourism sector in Bulgaria. The objective is to bring together key stakeholders - institutions in charge, organizations, business representatives, universities, in order to improve the dialogue in the tourism, in view of the objectives set out in the new European strategy for tourism.

Good Practice

This plan is part of the General Plan for Sustainable Tourism of Andalusia Horizon 2020, co-financed by ERDF & EARDF. Tourism is one of the 8 priorities of the S3 in Andalusia: “Priority 4. Strengthening Andalucía as a tourism destination, culture and leisure.”

This is a joint project where a network of European Regions, associated with representatives of the tourism enterprises, tourism associations and universities/research institutes aim to create a strong framework for regional cooperation at European level that further develops a research & development model of sustainable tourism management focusing on  strengthening the Role of Regions in the European Tourism Policy.