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NECSTouR shares good practices from its members and the CHARM project on Rural Tourism in Galicia

Nov 06, 2019

NECSTouR was invited by the Galicia Region, a NECSTouR member, to take part of their conference about the future of the rural world, including agritourism, taking place in Santiago de Compostela, from the 5th to the 8th of November. Sandra de Puig, head of policy and knowledge at NECSTouR permanent secretariat, presented the CHARM project and the initiatives on rural tourism from different NECSTouR members.


EPSI and NECSTouR Establish a Strategic Partnership to Enhance Synergies Between Tourism and Sports

Jul 03, 2019


NECSTouR President Patrick Torrent and EPSI Executive Director Alberto Bichi have signed a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the EPSI conference in Brussels on the 4-5 of July 2019, with the strong believe that a reinforced collaboration between Tourism and Sports will benefit two sectors which are strategically complementary in the European institutions.



EcoSTRIM Project Conference


Anci Toscana and Tuscany Region partners of the ECOSTRIM Project organise the workshop "@trazione MARE - Cross-border strategies for the innovation of the coastal tourist offer" (Aquarium of Livorno, 22 October 2019).

The workshop will represent an opportunity of a cross-border comparison between the various actors - public and private - of the tourism sector with the aim of identifying practices and strategies for a new approach to maritime and coastal tourism.

European Research and Innovation Days 2019


Bringing stakeholders together to shape future research and innovation policy


The programme will be structured around:

The Policy Conference, bringing together high-level policy-makers, leaders from industry, finance, academia and the entrepreneurial community to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. It covers vital areas of science, engineering, medicine, and wider social and environmental concerns

EURACTIV Workshop: "Tourism - a key driver for socio-‎economic progress"


Tuesday, 26 February 2019 | 12:00 – 14:00

EURACTIV Network Office, Boulevard Charlemagne 1, 1041 Brussels


Tourism plays an important role in the EU because of its economic and employment potential, as well as its social and environmental implications. According to the European Commission, tourism is the third largest socio-economic activity in the EU, after the trade and construction sectors.

Good Practice


Andalucía Lab is a department of the Public Company Turismo Andaluz, dependent agency of the Regional Goverment of Tourism and Trade, which aims to achieve a more competitive destination, acting on the thousands of businesses that make up the tourism sector.

It works for the small hotel, restaurant, so that the professionals know how to sell online or how to leverage technology solutions in their businesses, in the belief that this transformation, from bottom to top, allows to build a destination whose competitiveness is sustainable in the time.

Internal Notes

Call for Speakers: Bring your Experience on the innovation of the tourism offer


Anci Toscana and Tuscany Region partners of the ECOSTRIM Project organise the workshop "@trazione MARE - Cross-border strategies for the innovation of the coastal tourist offer" (Aquarium of Livorno, 22 October 2019).

The Five Major Priorities that will be part of Horizon Europe Announced by the European Commission


Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas officially launched the work on five major European research and innovation missions that will be part of Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation programme.

Inspired by the Apollo 11 mission to put a man on the moon, the European R&I missions aim to deliver solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our world:

  1. Cancer
  2. Climate change
  3. Healthy oceans
  4. Climate-neutral cities
  5. Healthy soil and food.


We are looking for a Speaker from NECSTouR for a Panel on Digitalisation and Innovation (Rimini IT, 10/10)


ETOA is composed of over 1000 members including global travel buyers, hotels, tourist boards, attractions, and other European tourism suppliers.

They will run a 50-minute panel on Digitalisation and Innovation to attract international visitors at 15:00 on 10th October at TTG Rimini.

They are putting together a group of panelists and they are wondering if any Region/Destination of our network might be interested in the opportunity of being part of that panel.