Jobs and Internships


We wish you a Great Sustainable and Competitive Summer Break!

Jul 27, 2018


It's summer time and NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat wishes you all the best!

The NECSTouR Secretariat team is available over the summer is as follows:


From 09/07 to 16/07 Sandra De Puig and Marta Domper
From 17/07 to 20/07 Sandra De Puig and Tomaso Comazzi
From 23/07 to 20/08 Tomaso Comazzi and Marta Domper
From 21/08 to 22/08 Sandra De Puig, Tomaso Comazzi and Marta Domper
From 23/08 to 31/08 Sandra De Puig and Marta Domper

You can reach us as follows:


“Hi, I am the new intern of NECSTouR and I am here to support the implementation of its Policy”

Oct 07, 2016


I’m Gergö, from Hungary. As part of my Sustainable Tourism Management Master’s degree I will spend 6 months at the Permanent Secretariat of NECSTouR. During this time I plan to support the Organisation in European tourism policy, events, strengthen communication and most importantly attract new regions and especially from the strategical area for NECSTouR of the Central-Eastern European Countries.