Cultural Tourism and Cultural Sustainability

2018 has been declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Commission. NECSTouR believes that Cultural Heritage is strictly linked with Sustainable Tourism as Culture nourishes Tourism while Tourism is the mean to preserve, appraise and experience culture.

Objectives 2018:


1. To Lobby for the place of cultural tourism in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 declared by the European Commission -> More information available on the NECSTouR webpage of the initiative
2. Reinforce NECSTouR cooperation with the EICR and the CoE


OBJECTIVE 1: Tourism & Cultural heritage 2018    Strategy

- Define a strategy to position tourism as a si ne qua nom sector associated to cultural heritage in the 2018 thematic year, and any European Initiative supporting cultural.
- “Your roots on Europe”: Gather data on the economic impact for regions of the synergy  “tourism, culture and creative industries” in terms of new products/experiences, new clusters, overcoming seasonality, market positioning, transnational cooperation.
- Network with culture and creative industries stakeholder leading to cooperation (projects): film, gaming, music and fashion.
- Share experiences in measurement of cultural tourism (demand, income generated, seasonality, cultural resource inventories, quality, cultural sustainability...). Use ETIS appropriated indicators.
- Analyse how Cultural Tourism is financed  - crowdfunding/other funding models - and how the  EU financial instruments appropriated (Creative Europe, COSME, ESIF) – Link with TESEO Objectives 1 and 2.
- Obtain the support of the ETC and the Manifesto.
- Seek for common EU tourism and culture policy and action plan based on the work initiated by the Italian Presidency of the EU.
- Lobby the relevant institutions accordingly: letters, events, position papers, etc.

OBJECTIVE 2: Cooperation with EICR & CoE    Strategy

- Reply to the EICR offer for cooperation including:
- The possibility for NECSTouR to become an observer body of the Board of the CoE regarding the European Itineraries.
- The possible subcontracting NECSTouR to undertake a study on how the cultural routes tourism governance by Regions, its challenges and benefits.
- The NECSTouR participation in the EICR summer school through a lecture and bringing regions.
- Share good practices in measurement of cultural tourism and itineraries proposed by European Cultural Routes. Provide sound figures to advocate for the suitability of cultural routes and cultural tourism for reducing seasonality and attract a flow of tourism that generates economic and environmental sustainability
- Share good practices on digitalisation of European Itineraries

Strategic Alliances:
European Commission: DG GROW, DG EAC European Parliament Intergroup Tourism Manifesto EICR ETCN UNWTO  
NECSTouR Position:
Investing in cultural heritage as a stand-alone policy does not guarantee a ROI unless it is associated to the visitor economy. A common EU cultural and tourism policy should be designed and implemented with appropriate resources to support it. Not all th