Indicators and ETIS

"We cannot manage what we cannot measure". Indicators to measure the sustainability performance of destinations are at the core of NECSTouR.

Objectives 2018:

1. To improve EU Tourism governance through Sustainable and Competitive tourism indicators: ETIS and other.
2. To foster Tourism sector relevance.
3. To achieve a cross-sectorial perspective through NECSTouR working groups

OBJECTIVE 1: EU Tourism Governance – ETIS Strategy

- Initiate the dialogue with ETIS destinations to convince them of the added value of embedding the future ETIS network within NECSTouR: Make the ETIS representatives met our General Assembly.
- Obtain the support of the DG Growth to our cause.
- Define the membership and budgetary conditions for ETIS network within NECSTouR.
- Define the ETIS strategy within NECSTouR:
- Cooperate for the use of official statistics: Budgetary reasons, comparability, continuity, quality of information, credibility
- ETIS – Eurostat to provide the required output indicators for ESIF  Link with TESEO objective 2 defending more visible and direct ESIF for tourism
- Identify source of financement for sustaining ETIS activities: COSME - link with Virtual Tourism Observatory, INTERREG project, European Parliament Pilot Project, other.  Link with TESEO Objective 1 COSME, activity Position Paper COSME 2007.
- Implement the follow up of ETIS following the above point.

OBJECTIVE 2: To foster Tourism sector relevance    Strategy

- Gather sound and credible figures in cooperation with official statistic bodies – UNWTO Network of Observatories, OECD, EUROSTAT, and other relevant ones – INROUTE.
- Contribute to solve information gaps: Accessibility, innovation, Quality labels, etc. 
- Lobby NECSTouR Polititians to make use of them to raise tourism in the Regional political agenda.
- Lobby the EU Institutions to raise tourism in the EU agenda.

OBJECTIVE 3:  Cross-sectorial perspective     Strategy 

- Identify the relevant indicators to measure the implementation to each working group
- Identify the thematic indicators that each working group should gather to contribute to the objectives 1 and 2.

Strategic Alliances:
European Commission: DG GROW, DG REGIO Eurostat UNWTO OECD INROUTE  
NECSTouR Position:
we cannot manage what we cannot measure The Virtual Tourism Observatory should become the secured online platform where ETIS destinations fill in their data, find quality assurance of it, monitor and interpret their performance and bechmark with other. NE
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