Smart Destinations

NECSTouR is engaged in EU 2020 objectives for SMART, SUSTAINABLE and INCLUSIVE destinations, both for citizens and for travellers.


Objectives 2018:

1. To ensure NECSTouR destinations are able to adapt and mitigate to climate change effects while contributing to their sustainability
2. To participate to the 2017 Un Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and reinforce the cooperation with UNWTO
3. To  embed the “Tourism for All” principles within NECSTouR destinations

OBJECTIVE 1: Climate Change
Capitalise the results of NECSTouR Climate Change working group and neZEH:
Exchange of regional strategies and/or Develop research on Innovative adaptation Actions for regions tackling the governance, product, training, marketing and SMES competitiveness approach
Explore neZEH/Low Carbon, energy efficiency, renewable energy initiatives on Tourism, to be financed througth EU funds: Use IDF example to finance nZEB. Link with  outdated destinations  approach,  innovating in green destinations:
Development of a Capacity Building  Workshop Smart destinations through Juncker Plan 
Enhance the visibility of the accommodation sector certified with the EU Ecolabel:
Discuss opportunities with DG Growth to raise the visibility of those implementing EU Ecolabel in tourism  - PACA initiative proposal.
OBJECTIVE 2:  2017  UN  International Year of Sustainable Tourism
Reinforce the cooperation initiated with UNWTO in the framework of neZEH  through the development of a Join Action Plan /MoU for the 2017  UN  International Year of Sustainable Tourism:
link with the Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 agreement with neZEH
capitalisation of ETIS, MITOMED indicators, neZEH etool
synergies with the results of the EU Study on Tourism Skills highlighting the need of  Green skills  for tourism
approach the existing policy measures for climate change adaptation

OBJECTIVE 2: Accessibility

- Capitalise and update (if needed/pertinent) NECSTouR Roadmap on Accessible Tourism Destinations: link with Skills
- Synergies with ETIS  and Cultural Routes of the CoE
- Link with TESEO on Juncker Plan: funding infrastructures

Strategic Alliances:
European Commission: DG GROW, DG ENER, DG CLIMA, DG REGIO, DG JUST European Parliament: MEPs UNWTO Tourism Manifesto HOTREC ENAT  
NECSTouR Position:
To integrate the transversal economical/social/environmental nature of Tourism in the EU policies, regulatory initiatives and financial instruments. To better achieve EU 2020 objectives for SMART, SUSTAINABLE and INCLUSIVE territories, both for citizens a