MITOMED Final Conference
12/05/2015 - 02:00

MITOMED Final Conference


12/05/2015, Florence (Italy)

Working languages: English, Italian

The main objectives of this event are to share the findings and results of the MITOMED project, and to develop ideas for the governance of maritime and coastal tourism and for future initiatives and projects. 

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9.00 - Registration (and coffee corner)


9.30 - Welcome and introduction - Regional Minister for Tourism and Culture ofTuscany Region (tbc)


9.45 - The MED programme 2014-2020: the future of Maritime Projects - BlancaLopez Bassa, Project Officer, MED Joint Technical Secretariat (video presentation)


10.00 - MITOMED Project results - Maria Luisa Mattivi, Sector for Tourismdestinations - Regional Government of Tuscany - Recap of the MITOMED project findings


10.20 Round Table 1 "Tourism indicators"Round table 1 focuses on the use of indicators as a management tool to increaseknowledge of M&C tourism, and promote informed decision-makingIntroductory speech and coordination: University of Girona


  •  Paolo Bongini, Regional Government of Tuscany§ Laura Grassini, University of Florence
  • representative of TOURMEDASSETS, University Venezia Ca' Foscari (tbc)
  • representatives of NECSTouR MED regions (tbc)

11.30 - Coffee Break


12.00 Round Table 2 "The MITOMED Action Plan"Round Table 2 illustrates the MITOMED Action Plan, investigates the potential of coastaland Maritime tourism as a competitive and sustainable driver of Blue Growth in theMediterranean, and debates, with input from practical experiences, fields of action whichcould be the basis for future cooperation projectsIntroductory speeches:


  •  Asterio Savelli, University of Bologna "Coastal tourism in the post-industrialsociety: challenges and development potential"
  •  Eudokia Balamou, ANETEL "The MITOMED action plan"


Open debate with presentation of experiences on :

  • beaches ("Greening" Cyprus Beaches, ANETEL - tbc)
  • seasonality ("New forms of : legends and myths in Istria" Manuela Hrvatin, Istria Region "The experience of Bagno Teresa in Marina diLevante, Viareggio" - Cristiano Pezzini, owner)
  • soft mobility (Cycling on Etruscan coast, Enrico Caracciolo, journalist - tbc)
  • ports and cruises (Experiences from POSEIDON project - Daniele Contini)
  • fisheries and tourism (Experiences from FISHMPABLUE project - Luca Santarossa,Federparchi and NEMO project, tbc)
  • environment and tourism ("Pressures generated from tourism: from neededactions to governance mechanisms" - Dania Abdul Malak, Med-IAMER Project)
  • representatives of NECSTouR MED regions (tbc)


Following brief illustration of their experiences, an open debate is led by GiovanniD'agliano, Regional Government of Tuscany, IPTPO, ANETEL, and the audience.


13:30 - Conclusions - by Regional Government of Tuscany


14:00 -Buffet Lunch