Catalonia: Towards the Recovery of Tourism Businesses and Destinations
Tue, 06/23/2020 - 00:00

Catalonia: Towards the Recovery of Tourism Businesses and Destinations (NEW 23/06)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Tue, 06/23/2020 - 00:00

The Plan

The Tourism department of the Regional Government of Catalonia together with the Catalan Tourism Board, are working in cooperation with the local tourism public and private stakeholders in order to develop a strategy that can lead the recovery of the Catalan tourism businesses and destinations. The Catalan Tourism Recovery Plan is being defined through this participatory approach and it’s entitling also some reorientations on the Catalan Tourism Strategy and Marketing plan for the years to come.

Some of the actions recently activated, and explained below, are considered part of this recovery plan.

The Actions

"Catalonia is your home: 7,4milion € will be dedicated to this promotional campaign, aiming to reactivate the tourism activity in Catalonia, targeting first proximity tourism for this summer (domestic, and some European countries) and boosting international and long haul markets as from autumn.

This is the major investment in tourism promotion ever done by the Catalan government in cooperation with the province countries of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, as well as Turisme de Barcelona and Val d’Aran . The campaign, officially launched on 19/06 by the President of the Catalan Government, will last until 2021.

Direct funding for Tourism SMEs and professions: a total of 13,5milion € are being put in place to provide direct support to guarantee the continuity of the Catalan tourism industry, who will receive, depending on the applicant legal entity, between 1.000€ to 10.000€.

COLAB: new online platform put in place to foster the exchange, collaboration, and cooperation between tourism and non-tourism Catalan enterprises to find synergies, ideas and co-create new opportunities.

RESTART Plan: aims at reactivating and regenerating the tourism activity by creating an online repository of information to facilitate the stay of the tourist and the work of the tourism operators. The platform will gather information from both, public and private services: opening hours, prevention, security and healthy measures, booking requirements, capacity limits, specific conditions, among others.

Supporting Material

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