Danish West Coast Partnership: COVID-19 and Tourism, the scheme to support SMEs
Fri, 04/24/2020 - 00:00

Danish West Coast Partnership: COVID-19 and Tourism, the scheme to support SMEs (Update 24/04)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Fri, 04/24/2020 - 00:00

The Danish West Coast partnership gathers 3 DMOS and 10 municipalities along the west coast, receives 10 million tourists per year including Copenhagen, most of those being foreigners - German and Norwegian – thus the tourism sector is strongly hit because of closure of borders.

Highlight the Danish measures

The Danish Government and United Parliament have deployed a relief package of measures – all covered by Danish funds -  for Danish VAT number companies and foreigner. The goal is to support the relief and recover of the Danish SMEs, including the tourism sector.


VAT and taxes: All the VAT and loan interest of SMES already paid this year will be returned. At the same time, there payment deadline for the remaining months and the payroll taxes is extended until November.


Government guarantee loan as part of the Danish state fund. It aims at facilitating the access to loans by SMEs by providing the guarantee of 70% of loan for 7 years when the amount must be paid back.

Compensation for fixed expenses: This means that up to 25.000 DKK (4.000EUR) per month will be refunded for fixed costs for example rental office.

Compensation for cancellation: If an event is postponed or cancelled consumers get refunded. Guidelines include that the main organiser can also apply for compensation if the event targeted 350 participants or more, was scheduled after 6/03 this year and was done less often than daily. Festivals, small theatres can be compensate but small ad hoc events in small cities during summer if those were not been planned then are not eligible.

Danish travel guarantee fund. This scheme targets travel packages compensation for the consumer and travel organiser. The difficulty is that once the travel organiser has already pad suppliers in the destination (abroad) then the compensation is not eligible.

Scheme of 25 million DKK is put available for project opportunities to develop alternative products to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the crisis. An example could be for a museum to benefit from this financial support to develop a night opening as a new product, but also for marketing domestic tourism.


Wage compensation scheme, which is the most important to tourism SMEs: When SMEs give guarantee to retain their staff then the state pays 70% of their salary while the employer deals with the 25%. If conditions are not respected, then the compensation needs to be given back by the company to the state.

Self-employed package: Business owners can get a compensation up to 20.00 DK per month. This money is granted and does not need to be paid back.

Sickness benefit from day 1.


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