Île-de-France COVID-19 Recovery Plan
Wed, 07/15/2020 - 00:00

Île-de-France: “Economic, Ecological and Solidarity” COVID-19 Recovery Plan (Updated 15/07)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Wed, 07/15/2020 - 00:00

The Plan

The Île-de-France Region “Economic, ecological and solidarity Recovery Plan” with a budget of €1.3 billion was presented on the 28 of May 2020 and will be discussed on June 11 in plenary session of the Regional Council.

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The Recovery Plan is developed around 4 main axes:

Economy: Aid for businesses and innovation (€640 million)

From which:

€20 million will be allocated for the cultural sector recovery plan, with € 11 million in emergency aid for the performing arts, € 1.5 million for new aid for development and protective equipment for the reopening of bookshops, cinemas, theaters ...; € 4.75 million in exceptional aid to guarantee 100% funding, even when the structures are closed.

€15 million will be devoted to the tourism recovery plan with 6 among others - € 3.5 million for the development and equipment of tourist sites for the reopening, € 3.1 million for actions to promote tourism of heritage and initiatives such as “L'Île-de-France celebrates its restaurants” to support restaurateurs and celebrate the agricultural sector and food trades (€ 1 million).

Employment: Fight against unemployment and acceleration of return to work (€230 million)

The budget will be devoted to doubling and modernizing the training offer to help the unemployed return to work, through two strategies:

- orient towards sectors strongly impacted and future sectors  (such as construction, public works, security, health and social, digital, agriculture-environment), with an additional € 85 million for the regional skills investment pact; the “Together for Jobs” online platform

- modernize the training offer and support apprenticeship, with in particular € 6 million to finance individual and remunerated "tailor-made" training for job seekers, even without promise of employment

Solidarity and Health: Purchasing power, health, solidarity and the fight against fractures (€190 million)

From which : the Île-de-France Region will support sports and leisure for up to € 15 million in order to allow the generalization of sporting and cultural villages to all leisure islands and throughout the summer period (€ 4.5 million) or the opening of gymnasiums of high schools during the summer period to be made available to Ile-de-France sports clubs. € 1.3 million in leisure tickets will also be distributed to Ile-de-France families.

Ecological revival and transport (€ 238 M from 2020 for an ecological and participative revival)

Environment: Ecological revival and transport (€ 238 M from 2020 for an ecological and participative revival)

The region will devote € 100 million in regional environmental participatory budget to boost local public investment (€ 500 million by 2024). € 30 million will be allocated to continue the support plan for renewable energies (installation of solar panels in high schools, etc.) and € 70 million for the first installment of the new thermal renovation market for high schools. € 30 million will be allocated for innovative and ecological transport with a strong commitment to finance the RER Vélo at 60% (i.e. € 300 million in the long term) and € 4 million for the installation of public charging stations for electric cars. in 2020, with a target of 12,000 terminals by 2023.

Tourism Focus: € 15 million for the Tourism Recovery Plan

- €3.5 million for fitting out and equipping tourist areas for the reopening

- € 3.1 million in actions in favor of tourism enhancement of heritage

- € 3 million in Up aid for tourism businesses

- € 1.8 million in communication and promotion campaigns for the Ile-de-France region: the first communication actions will target Île-de-France residents, who are invited to rediscover their own region and its assets. The Region will assist tourist offices in offering products that are attractive, innovative and accessible to all. The second target will be French visitors, in order to encourage them to return to Île-de-France and discover the entirety of the Region’s tourist attractions.

- € 1.8 million for the development of the territorial offer and the customer experience, which includes the creation of thematic routes linked to nature and heritage

- Campaign  “L’Ile-de-France celebrates its restaurants” to support the regional restaurateurs and celebrate the agricultural sector and food trades (€ 1 million) including the organisation of culinary events on Sundays from June 28 to August 30 with volunteer municipalities

- 1,000 Tourism Volunteers 2020 (“Les Volontaires du Tourism), to welcome the tourist clientele, ensure compliance with barrier measures and restore confidence

- €0.4 million to facilitate access to the new Disney park

- Launch of the revision process of the regional Tourism and Leisure Development Scheme 2022-2026: the drafting of the new document has been given the Paris Region Tourist Board. This new scheme must help unite all Île-de-France stakeholders around the new challenges and priorities of the tourism recovery strategy in the region.


Supporting Material

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You can read the immediate measures taken by Ile-de-France to support SMEs at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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