Liguria Region support to touristic operators during COVID-19 outbreak
Thu, 05/14/2020 - 00:00

Liguria: COVID-19 – Tourism Response (Update 14/05)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Thu, 05/14/2020 - 00:00

Liguria together with other Italian regions met the Tourism National Minister during the Italian Conference of Regions (ICR) to discuss on the tourism industry situation and the plans for recovery. Both the national and regional liquidity measures deployed to support the SMEs can benefit the tourism sector although not being specifically mentioned.

Highlight the Liguria measures


Integrations in professional income (VAT), including tourism professions.

At national level a 60% tax credit measure is provided on leases for shops; the regional Tourism Councilors have requested an integration to extend the measure to hotel and outdoor facilities and spas as well as providing the 60% tax credit for leases / rentals. The Councilor for Tourism of Regione Liguria has requested to extend this tax concession also to spas not annexed to hotel facilities.

Strengthening of the exemption fund for tourism workers.


Liguria own measure to support tourism, trade and craft SMEs is the

Establishment of a regional "Covid-19 Emergency" guarantee fund, to guarantee - as a percentage of 80% - loans obtained from banks affiliated (loans amounts that can be granted from 10 to 30 thousand euros) and aimed at interventions for overcoming an emergency. The guarantee fund has a size of € 5.5 million (with a multiplier effect of 40million euro loans) and applications will have to be submitted online from 10/04 to 30/09


Extension of the Naspi (monthly unemployment allowance) for the seasonal workers, regional tourism councillors have requested the application of the 60% tax credit measure for shops also to hotel and spas.


NEW! The region is currently working the first steps towards their “tourism of tomorrow” strategy which implies rethinking the tourism products to integrate a greening and digital focus by incorporating the involvement of the local stakeholders, as recommended by the Barcelona Declaration “Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit”:

Post lockdowns: Organize specific eno-gastro tours, reopening parcs and private beaches, reopening hotels, nightlife is going to be closed for a long time.

Proposal to activate a tax credit of up to 500 euros per person for holidays booked and enjoyed in Italy by the end of 2020 (a point currently under discussion in parliament)


Other Information of Interest

Liguria presentation during NECSTouR webinar - 27/03 First steps

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