Sardinian Sustainable Development

Sardinian Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation Regional Strategies within the EU cohesion policy framework

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 02/10/2020

In a moderate scenario, Sardinia foresees this year a 30% drop in tourism while in the worst-case scenario - a drop of 50 %.

Sardinia is convinced that tourism is a key driver in achieving the aims of the UN SDGs and that is why their Sustainable Development Regional Strategy focus on all of them.

Sardinia involves its civil society and regional and local authorities in the process.

Sustainable Development Regional Strategy is made of 5 pillars (working groups) on the following topics: Smarter Sardinia, Greener Sardinia, Connected Sardinia, Social Sardinia and Closer to Citizens Sardinia.
All the working groups benefit from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural
Development, European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund, national and regional funds.

Sardinia created a network of environmental and sustainability education centers which are scattered throughout the territory they offer sustainable daily experiences and holidays.It was also noted that data is very important in making decisions.


This case has been presented at NECSTouR Extraordinary AGM 2020
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