Tuscany Region is setting up a Crisis Management Team for Tourism
Tue, 07/07/2020 - 00:00

Tuscany: COVID-19 response, regional public-private partnerships to support the tourism sector (Update 07/07)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Tue, 07/07/2020 - 00:00

Tuscany Region set up a Crisis Management Team for Tourism, by involving the key public and private actors: the regional promotion agency Toscana Promozione Turistica, the regional Agency for digital communication Fondazione Sistema Toscana, the regional Institute for economic planning (IRPET), the association of municipalities (ANCI TOSCANA), the airport and port authority, tourism business associations, to coordinate response.

The goal is to establish different mechanisms to support the mitigation effects of COVID-19 crises in the tourism enterprises and to facilitate their recovery.

A dedicated website is available for the:

- Tourism sector, providing information related to marketing and supporting instruments as well as a framework to share ideas and proposals.
- Tourists, t
o provide clear information on the current COVID-19 status and travellers information of interest


Highlight the measures


- Garanzia Toscana- Guarantee fund (in co-ordination with National measures - Decreto Cura Italia DECRETO-LEGGE 17 marzo 2020, n. 18)
- Cassa Integrazione Straordinaria - Extension of the unemployment benefit to employers and workers of the tourism sector (in coordination with National measures - Decreto Cura Italia DECRETO-LEGGE 17 marzo 2020, n. 18)


Digital Labs: aiming to strength the knowledge and skills of tourism operators on relevant issues, strengthening collaboration between different actors and setting up common strategies


- Provide information on the status of the main outbound Markets for Tuscany
- Provide data from relevant studies / researches /data on tourism and Tuscany


Re-organisation of the Tourism Promotional and Communication Plan to stand the post crisis (new communication campaign/initiatives will be launched for the post COVID19 crisis) in coordination with other Italian regions.

- Offers information to the sector on what is the current position of Toscana Promozione
- Guidelines for tourism Enterprise on how to communicate to tourists
- Campaign #ToscanaDaCasa 


Other Information of Interest

Tuscany presentation used for NECSTouR webinar of 27/03

Regional Information
Regional Department Involved
Tuscany region
Leading Region
Other Stakeholders Involved
Regional guarantee consortium, National Government, INPS (National Institute for Social Security, Regional Agency for Tourism Promotion
Project Information
Target Audience
SMEs, Employers of private sector, Tourist operators