Good Practices

Good Practices

We collect, categorise and share Good Practice on Competitive and Sustainable Tourism among our Member Regions, since 2009.

Tourism Master Plan for the Basque Coast


The Basque Country devoted itself to develop a master plan for the tourism sector as a guideline to support over time.  The Basque Tourism Agency, Basquetour, has taken over the leadership of the project and involved almost 700 tourism stakeholder found in the Basque region. To support this goal, the members of the agency established approximately 40 actions to take place during the year, that are further divided into two main categories:

1) management (government, business development, external relations and tourist scenario)

Facing Climate Change: Lesson learnt from Cornwall


Lesson Learnt
• Prevention and future proofing through Scenario Planning
• Need to build capacity in private and public sectors
• Workshops and One to One support for small/medium businesses
• Use of digital and social media
• Resilient Repairs

Capacity Building

Private Sector
• Local Workshops – max relevance
• Follow Up One to Ones
• Financial and Business musts
• Legal and Insurance
• Practical Examples
• Top Tips

From policy and action: Climate change tourism projects at the German coast


Tourism in Schleswig-Holstein

  • 25 million bednights per year (10+ beds)
  • 75 million bednights per year (total)
  • 100+ million day-guests per year - Turnover: ca. 7 billion €

Effects of climate change at the German coast

» Long-term: Sea-level rise
» Long-term: Rising temperatures
» Already: Extreme weather (Storms, storm surges, flooding): affecting the attractiveness of tourism destinations

Climate change adaptation in the Alps : experiences from Canton Valais


Climate change in Valais – Facts and figures

2060 in the Alps :
→ Temperatures : +1.4 to 3.8°C - Summer conditions close to those of the 2003 heat wave
→ Precipitations : uncertain, -5-10% in summer
→ More extreme events (raining periods in Spring)
→ Summer days (T°>25°, 800-1’500m) : 10/year → 30/year
→ Snowing days (1’500-2’500m) : 70/year → 50/year

Urban heat highlands :
→10° more in the Swiss cities than in the campaign
→ Sion show the highest temperature growth of Switzerland


South Limburg's Climate Change Strategy


Limburg is the oldest destination of the Netherlands. We lived though every phase of tourism, also mass summer tourism, and turned ourselves into a succesfull year round destination. To survive in future we are very much involved in sustainable tourism, as we think it is one of the only ways to take our sector to the next phase of tourism, which is built on quality and sustainable working. Our passion for sustainable tourism is one of the reasons we take part in the ETIS programme. With Amsterdam we are the only region in the Netherlands to do so.

Region Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur : Measures for Tourism Climate Change adaptation


Knowledge and Planning….

  • Climate Air and Energy Regional Plan + Tourism Development Regional Plan
  • Guidelines for :
    - Developping sustainable
    - Tourism, reducing CO2 emissions and adapting to Climate Change
  • Example of realisation : Study about climate and energetic impact of Tourism (2012)


…in order to support local authorities and act with them

Odyssea Experience on Smart Cooperation in Cruise Tourism


What is the importance of Cruise Tourism in your Regional Strategy/Regional Tourism Strategy?

The government of Catalonia is implementing the Tourism Strategic Plan for 2013-2016, and cruise tourism is one of the master plans that has to be developed as a tourist product.

Figures 2014:
· Barcelona: 2.364.292 passengers
· Sant Carles + Palamós + Roses : 43.000

Basque Experience on Smart Cooperation in Cruise Tourism



What is the importance of Cruise Tourism in your Regional Strategy/Regional Tourism Strategy?

Andalusia with 16 commercial ports and 2 river ports, the major shipping companies all over the world have set their targets on the strategic Andalusian coast, with over a thousand kilometres of coastline, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, modern port facilities and a huge cultural and artistic heritage that will astonish cruise passengers.

PACA Experience on Smart Cooperation in Cruise Tourism


Context (regarding Marinas in PACA)

With 135 marinas and fishing ports and over 60,000 streams rings, Provence- Alpes-Côte d'Azur is the first region in France in terms of capacity to welcome pleasure boating and one of the main areas of navigation for yachts.

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