Good Practices

Good Practices

We collect, categorise and share Good Practice on Competitive and Sustainable Tourism among our Member Regions, since 2009.

Accessibility Roadmap: Good Practices from Île-de-France


Île-de-France Tourism Administration and Accessibility Agenda

- Mission: The Paris Île-de-France Regional Tourist Board works with visitors and tourism stakeholders to promote and develop the Paris Île-de-France destination. It puts in place the resources, public aids, guidance and network to enable tourism professionals in the region to develop and market an innovative and quality service that is tailored to the users’ needs

Accessibility Roadmap: Good Practices from Flanders


Veneto Region Tourism Administration and Accessibility Agenda

ICT for the benefit of Tourism as an S3 priority in Region of Valencia



• GVA (£m) (2011) 3,000. 2.9% of Scottish GVA
• 13,700 businesses in touirsm – 181,500 jobs.
• Scotland’s key strengths & assets are:

  1. Nature, Heritage & activities
  2. Destination Towns & cities
  3. Business Tourism
  4. Events & festivals

Rooted in Scotland's Government Economic Strategy, Scotland's Tourism sector remains economically and strategically important for our growth ambitions. The sector is a key pillar of our Smart Specialisation approach.

ICT for the benefit of Tourism as an S3 priority in Scotland



Located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast with approximately 500 km. shoreline.

Third destination in the 2013 Spanish ranking with almost 23 million visitors (6 million from international markets).

Tourism accounts for a 12,6% of the regional GDP and a 13,4% of the jobs

A broad range of tourism services:
• 39.117 accommodation establishments and more than 385.000 bed places
• 14.635 catering establishments with capacity for more than 800.000 seats

S3 Priority in Tuscany: ICT for the benefit of Tourism


About S3 Strategy:

3 specialisation areas from our selection process:

  • Ict and photonic
  • Smart factory
  • Chemistry and Nanotechnology

For tourist sector we will focus on:

  • qualification of the tourist products and services
  • improvement of the tourist experience
  • environmental sustainability
  • market opportunities


S3 Strategy and Tourism

Catalonia - Connecting the professionals within a regional brand for industrial tourism



This project sets up the different goals for integrating NECSTouR Regions as drives for Sustainable Changes within the Tourism Industry. Catalonia is one of the regions that is part of this initiative and take the responsibility to implement all action needed to achieve the desired targets.

1st EUREKATOURISM+ Workshop - The Tourism of Tomorrow: European Regions as drivers of Sustainable Change

This is a joint project where a network of European Regions, associated with representatives of the tourism enterprises, tourism associations and universities/research institutes aim to create a strong framework for regional cooperation at European level that further develops a research & development model of sustainable tourism management focusing on  strengthening the Role of Regions in the European Tourism Policy.

Region of Istria - Sustainability and competitiveness of cultural tourism at EU level

The objective of this project is to analyse the governance of existing cultural routes in order to create a toolkit of good governance for:

- Creation and development of cultural routes

- Enhance the role of cultural routes in the European territory

- Collectively define the related challenges & opportunities for Regions

Part of the main activities described within the boundries of the project are:

- The development of a good practices catalogue

S3 Priority in Flanders: ICT for the benefit of Tourism


Geographical situation: Flanders is the northern region of Belgium with Brussels as its capital. It is the gateway to Europe.
• GDP % of tourism. Tourism receipts as % of GDP: 3% in Belgium (2012)
• Number of SMEs. 687.853 in 2012

Creation, governance and sustainable management of the Cultural Routes: good practices from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce


Topic of the practice: Governance of the cultural routes

Name of the cultural route: Danube cultural routes: Roman Emperors Route and Danube wine Route

Abstract: Within the European Commission European Commission programme on transnational thematic product, The Danube cultural routes: Roman Emperors Route and Danube wine Route project is being implemented by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

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