Behavioural science and Nudge

Behavioural science and Nudge : what potential for a better management of tourism flows?

The HERIT-DATA partners from Florence and AVITEM just kicked off a unique experimentation : developing and testing solutions that use behavioural insights to address tourism flows-related challenges in Florence. This experimentation is accompanied by behavioural science experts from The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and two designers.

In this article written by the AVITEM team, you will get an overview of the potential application of Nudging & behavioural insights on the tourism sector, which is now more than ever at a crossroads.

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The Interreg MED HERIT-DATA project brings together 12 partners from 7 countries of the Mediterranean basin with the common goal to find a solution to the negative impacts of mass tourism on coastal and cultural/historical areas (e.g. UNESCO World Heritage sites). The project is developing, testing and offering new planning instruments to enhance a responsible tourism management, to improve the quality of life of local citizens and visitors and to strengthen the conservation of the Mediterranean heritage.