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Ebook on Tourism After COVID-19: Reflections, Challenges and Opportunities


Professors Moisés Simancas, Noemi Padrón and Reul Hernandez Martin from the Chair in Tourism of the University of La Laguna released a free Ebook on "Tourism After COVID-19: Reflections, Challenges and Opportunities".

In its 800 pages, the book includes 64 chapters from 110 authors from 22 different universities, mainly in Spain, along with 25 practitioners from the sector.

It is one of the main efforts developed until now to provide academic and practitioners insights on the effects of covid-19 on tourism in general, destinations, products, planning, sustainability, data, tourist behaviour, governance, transport, technology, security, etc.

The book is structured in three parts:

  • Part I - Rethinking tourism in the uncertainty scenario of COVID-19
  • Part III - Analyzing the effects and opportunities of the COVID-19 crisis on tourism in the Canary Islands
  • Part II - Posing challenges and opportunities for tourism in the COVID-19 scenario

Read the Ebook (in Spanish)
Press release (in Spanish)