Initiave on Safe Digital Tourism at the "GROW your REGIOn"

Initiave on Safe Digital Tourism at the "GROW your REGIOn"


On the 8th of November, the three leading regions of the initiative "Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism" had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation organised in the framework of the Conference GROW your REGIOn on the 8-9 November in Valencia.

Ms Eija Raasakka from  Lapland (FI), Ms Alicia Fajardo from Andalucia (ES) and Mr Boštjan Brumen from Slovenia presented their vision for that new initiative which is adding tourism among the list of topics covered by the Smart Specialisation Platform.
Their intervention focused also on mission of the partnership with five other regions - Lazio, Tuscany (Italy), Castilla-y-Leon, Catalonia and the Valencian Region (Spain) - the basis of the investment thesis, the current status and the next steps.

On the previous day, a consortium meeting attended by all the partner regions and hosted by the Valencia Region, stated the next steps of the initiative.

NECSTouR is one of the main promoter of that initiative and fully recognise it as part of the activities of its working group on EU Funds for Tourism.