NECSTouR Commits to Ensure Further Continuation for the Main Achievements of MITOMED+ Project

NECSTouR President, Mr Patrick Torrent, presented during the final conference of the Interreg MED Project MITOMED+ (Models of Integrated Tourism in the MEDiterranean Plus) how NECSTouR will ensure the further capitalisation and dissemination of the main project’s achievements.


Besides the main tools for monitoring of the impact of tourism activities which have been developed in the last three years - set of indicators to measure sustainable tourism; Online platform for benchmarking sustainable measures among destinations, based on that tools; Green beach and Management model, …- Mr Torrent underlined the importance of the main key-learning of MITOMED+ Project: “Measurement is the key component for achieving a sustainable management of our tourism destinations”

Join Forces. NECSTouR President called all the European Destinations to join forces to spread that key-learning and ensure the recognition of Tourism as a driver to such sustainable growth and a crucial element in the success of the European Green Deal and in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals foreseen by the Agenda 2030.

Memorandum of Understanding

With the same intent, Mr Torrent signed on behalf of NECSTouR the final MITOMED+ Memorandum of Understanding “Towards a more sustainable Maritime and Coastal Tourism”.

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Policy Paper

NECSTouR will also keep the Policy Recommendations developed by the main project’s outcomes as one of its milestones with regards to Sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism Management.

Final Conference

MITOMED+ Final conference, held last week in the City of Livorno in Tuscany showcased the main project results, and opened a discussion on the future policies for the sustainability of maritime and coastal tourism. The event was attended by more than 70 local and regional policy makers, destination managers, business support organisations and representatives from accademic and private sectors.

The role of Tuscany. The event was organised by the Lead Partner Tuscany Region and has been attended by the Councillor for Tourism and Productive Activities of the Tuscany Region Stefano Ciuoffo and the Tourism Director, Mr Francesco Tapinassi.

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