NECSTouR Elected as a Member of the Board of the UNWTO Affiliate Members

NECSTouR Elected as a Member of the Board of the UNWTO Affiliate Members


NECSTouR is pleased to announce its election as a Member of the Board of the UNWTO Affiliate Members.


Being NECSTouR the European platform for knowledge exchange and project development in the field of sustainable and competitive tourism and being our core members regional tourism authorities working closely with the tourism businesses and academic institutions, this election will give us the opportunity to join efforts in maximizing the expertise among the rich and diverse group of key tourism stakeholders that the Affiliated Members of the UNWTO represents.

Our Interregional cooperation strategy aims at finding join solutions for the common challenges we all – destinations, decision makers, entrepreneurs, research organisations – face in our journey toward the sustainable tourism of tomorrow.

Therefore the Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is at the core of our activities as we firmly believe tourism is a driver for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, provided we are all part of this joint mission.

As a Member of the Affiliated Members Board we will work hard during the next 2 years to maximize each other expertise and make sure each affiliated member, each tourism stakeholder profile, finds the appropriate response through the UNWTO services for the benefit of sustainable tourism around the globe.

"This election will enable us to export our regional best practices and our model towards Sustainable and Competitive Tourism from the European to the world level - stated Mr Patrick Torrent, President of NECSTouR from the Region of Catalonia -  to discuss the current challenges of today and to find shared solutions for our destinations and the rest of the world."

NECSTouR is also pleased to see that another member of the network, Turisme de Barcelona, has also been elected as Regional Members of the Board- Europe.

The formal constitution of the newly elected Board of the Affiliate Members will take place in the framework of the 23rd session of General Assembly in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, specifically on September 12, 2019.

We invite now all the UNWTO Affiliate Members to join us in making our destinations, our Regions, our world a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE A BETTER PLACE TO VISIT!



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