NECSTouR Experience on Developing Platforms for Tourism Statistics

NECSTouR Experience on Developing Platforms for Tourism Statistics


Mrs Ana Moniche from the Region of Andalusia intervened on behalf of NECSTouR Working Group on Indicators at the 18th meeting of the UNWTO's Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account.

Developing Platforms for Tourism Statistics. NECSTouR has indeed a wide experience on Tourism Statistic management. Is partner for example of the MITOMED+ Project, aimed at enhancing sustainable development policies for more efficient valorisation of natural resources and cultural heritage in coastal and adjacent maritime areas of a sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the MED Area.

Access to Data is increasingly relevant to the tourism sector. For that reasons, some NECSTouR Regions established the initiative "Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism", as one of the 11 thematic Areas of the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation (S3P-Industry), by the European Commission. As Mrs Moniche presented on her intervention, one of the main aims of this initiative is to establish an investment project would ideally support collection of data, easing the accessibility, evaluation and use of this information. The relevant tourism data would efficiently help with the management of tourist flows in order to efficiently allocate resources.

"The Partnership objectives - concluded Mrs Moniche - are to develop a strong framework for regional cooperation at European level for establishing the required conditions."

The event was organised at the UNWTO headquarters, Madrid.