NECSTouR Experience on how to Create Smart and Sustainable Tourism Destinations

NECSTouR Experience on how to Create Smart and Sustainable Tourism Destinations


The main focus of Mr Patrick Torrent - NECSTouR President, Catalonia Region - intervention at the "Trends & Dynamics'17 - Mega Drivers for Future Tourism" Event, was on three fundamental questions: How to assure a sustainable balance between visitors and residents?  How can big data meet tourism? How can collaborative models help to better manage destinations?

The event was held in Lisbon on the 21st of November and was hosted by MEP Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar, Portuguese Member of the Parliament, member of parliamentary Committee of Transport and Tourism, chair of the tourism Working Group and vice president of the SME Europe.

The analysis of Mr Torrent provided the huge experience that NECSTouR member Regions has on the daily smart and sustainable management of their destinations.

A balance between visitors and resident’s needs. In order to face an increasing competition of tourism destinations located outside Europe, the solution proposed by NECSTOUR Regions is to compete on the bases of price instead on the bases of quality.

Big data and Tourism. "Tourism and Innovation need to go hand in hand" stated Mr Torrent at this regard. "We need to embrace the digital transformation and we need more access to big data". This is why NECSTouR is supporting the “Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism” partnership, promoted by some of its member Regions under the Smart Specialisation - Industrial Modernisation Platform.

Collaborative models for a sustainable destination management. Here several examples have been provided on how to understand Sustainability in all its forms: environmental, economic and sociocultural.