NECSTouR Moderates the Debate on Sustainability related to Cultural Heritage and Tourism

NECSTouR Moderates the Debate on Sustainability related to Cultural Heritage and Tourism


The RICC Network organised the Conference on "The Regional and Local dimension under the Cultural Heritage", in the framework of the European Year for Cultural Heritage (EYCH).

NECSTouR moderated the panel on "Sustainability", gathering reflections and good practices by Veneto, Île-de-France, Lombardia and Canary Islands.

Balanced Approach. Mrs Sandra de Puig, member of the NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat, ensured a high-quality debate around the necessity to promote a balanced approach between the needs to boost growth on one side, and the preservation of artifacts, historical sites, and local traditions on the other.

Better Places to Live and Visit. This approach is also proposed by the Barcelona Declaration of Tourism and Cultural Heritage: “Better Places to Live Better Places to Visit”, summarising in 5 fundamental overall principles resulted from the anesake Workshop, which NECSTouR organised in Barcelona on the 19th of April.

The Panel Discussion. After some introductory remarks by Mrs Anne Grady, the European Commission DG EAC about the "EU policies on cultural and sustainable tourism" Mrs de Puig allowed the different Regions represented on her panel to present respectively Public-private partnerships in Veneto Region for preserving and enhancing the tangible and intangible cultural heritage” (Fausta Bressani, Director at Culture Department, Veneto Region), “Promoting regional cultural heritage : a label for unprotected heritage, an asset for territories”  (Sophie de Moustier, Île-de-France Region), Corporate Archives and Museums Italian Association: “Cultural heritage and industrial tourism in Lombardy: Kartell Museo’s experience” (Elisa Storace, Museimpresa, Lombardy Region), "Canary Island, an open gate to tourism, cultural heritage and sustainability” (Christian Perazzone, Canary Islands).

The event gave also the opportunity to reflect and debate above the other 3 objectives identified for the legacy of the EYCH - engagement, protection, innovation and skills - with contributions from Regions and Destinations all over Europe. MEP Sivia Costa pronuonced the final remarks.

The aim of the event was to invite RICC and other European networks to work together in order to plan common actions to put in place, going beyond the EYCH. The event promoted also the discussion on the cultural agenda at EU level also in view of the forthcoming programming period.
The contribution of NECSTouR has been fully appreciated at this regards.