NECSTouR Regions Launch the Five “S” to succeed in the Sustainable Tourism of Tomorrow

NECSTouR Regions Launch the Five “S” to succeed in the Sustainable Tourism of Tomorrow


SMART, SOCIO-CULTURAL, SKILLS, SAFETY and STATISTICS are the Five “S” matching the NECSTouR regions’ vision and renewed strategy, which will be implemented by its newly elected Executive Committee, to prepare European Regions for embracing the tourism of the future. The “Tourism of Tomorrow” reception was the occasion for the NECSTouR General Assembly to celebrate and network around this concept in the presence of representatives of the European Parliament, as well as the European Travel Commission, the European Tourism Association, Europa Nostra and other European Tourism organisations.

General Assembly. 60 representatives from the 36 Regions of NECSTouR - the European Network of Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism - and its 33 Associated members gathered today at the Fundación Galicia Europa Headquarters in Brussels to participate to its 9th ordinary Annual General Meeting.

Five “S” matching the “Tourism of tomorrow”. “Smart”, “Socio-Cultural”, “Skills”, “Safety” and “Statistics” approved today by the General Assembly, will become the essence of the NECSTouR strategy 2019-2021. The above five priorities follow the tourism trends, while reinforcing the backbone of the network: building strong policies to guarantee a sustainable and competitive tourism management across European Regions.

Renewed Executive Committee. The new NECSTouR Executive Committee was elected today. It gathers 12 Regions committed to defend the NECSTouR Five “S” as a model to be capitalised in Europe. The Regions who will lead NECSTouR for the next three years are: Catalonia (ES) in the role of President; Flanders (BE) and Andalusia (ES) in the role of Vice-Presidents; Tuscany (IT) in the role of Secretary General; Västra Götaland (SV) in the role of Treasurer; Central Denmark (DK), Emilia-Romagna (IT), Galicia (ES), Île-de-France (FR), Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (FR), Scotland (UK) and South Limburg (NL).

Joint Commitment. “We go far as we go together - stated Mr Patrick Torrent, NECSTouR President, Executive Director of the Catalan Tourism Board - NECSTouR Regions are committed on pursuing together this journey towards the Sustainable Tourism of Tomorrow!”

Project Promotion. NECSTouR members presented the projects and initiatives where NECSTouR is currently involved:  STAR Cities; CIVITAS Destinations; MITOMED+: Models of Integrated Tourism in the MEDiterranean PlusDigitalisation and Safety for Tourism.