NECSTouR supports the CoR own-initiative opinion on Tourism

NECSTouR supports the CoR own-initiative opinion on Tourism

  • 29/11/2016


During the European Tourism Day, Mr Patrick Torrent and Mr Jan Korthoudt - President and Vice-President of NECSTouR - had the occasion to meet with Mr Hanspeter Wagner, Mayor of the Municipality of Breitenwang and Rapporteur for the NAT Commission of the Committee of the Regions.

It was the occasion to exchange reciprocal priorities and express NECSTouR's support for the CoR own-initiative opinion on Tourism.

NECSTouR particularly support the idea of a European Citizen Travel Card. With that card, EU citizens could, for example, enjoy reduced prices for public transport and public museums in participating EU regions and cities. A social media-compatible GPS travel app, called 'DiscoverYrope', could even provide useful information on the EU country visited and offering citizens some fun and bonuses through a European travel reward programme.

Moreover, NECSTouR and Mr Wagner agreed on to create a European Capital of Smart Tourism Award.

Mr Torrent particularly underlined the importance of regional joint promotion: "It is an opportunity for regions to use their diversity in order to offer a range of tourism experiences. Smart marketing and European mobility programmes should be part of this joint promotion plan."

That is the reason why NECSTouR member regions agree with the main concept idea presented at the European Tourism Day 2016 by Mr Wagner: "The tourism sector has remained one of the leading job creators in Europe, but it can do more. The European Union should introduce a 'European Citizen Travel Card' in order to further promote a sense of European citizenship"

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