A new Intern from Galicia to Support the NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat

A new Intern from Galicia to Support the NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat


My name is Paloma, I come from Spain and I will be collaborating with NECSTouR and Fundation Galicia Europa as a trainee until the end of the year.

I came to Brussels through a scholarship obtained thanks to the Axencia de Turismo de Galicia, depending on the regional Government of the Xunta de Galicia.

I have studied Tourism in Galicia and after a break of some years, four years ago I went back  to my professional life: I did a Master in Urban Tourism and Management of Tourist Businesses at the University of Santiago de Compostela and - though that Master - I did a traineeship in the Area of Studies and Research of the Axencia Galega de turismo.

After working in Tourism Promotion for different Tourism Offices in Galicia, this new stage will provide me a great opportunity for approaching the EU Institutions and Policies, which is a completely new challenge for me.

During my stay I will be in charge of different tasks, supporting NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat into:

-Supporting in the implementation of the NECSTouR Advocacy Task Force strategy: classifying and organizing information about the latest evolutions of the EU Tourism policy and on how NECSTouR Regions will start planning their use of European funds for tourism purposes in the new Multiannual Financial Framework, and supporting the NECSTouR strategic cooperation with the European Committee of the Regions;

- Collaborating to the development of the NECSTouR Thematic area on Socio-Cultural Tourism, by supporting the participation of NECSTouR in the International Conference on Rural development on Tourism that is celebrated in November in Santiago de Compostela and the NECSTouR strategic cooperation with the European Institute of Cultural Routes;

- Supporting the NECSTouR membership strategy implementation, by facilitating the contact with potential new members and by integrating in the NECSTouR database - and other networking tools – of new strategic alliances.


I will also be sharing my support to NECSTouR with my work in Fundacion Galicia Europa helping and collaborating in all promotional actions that Galicia brings to Brussels and in order to provide effective follow up of European Touristic Policy.

My expectations are to learn as much as I can and to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.


Contact: paloma.garcia@necstour.eu