STAR Cities Project just begun

STAR Cities Project just begun


NECSTouR and the other partners attended in Val-de-Marne (Paris) the kick-off meeting of STAR Cities Project on the 27-28 September 2018.

The purpose of STAR Cities is to develop river tourism within five European cities: Bucharest (Romania), Hamburg (Germany), Kaunas (Lithuania), Rome (Italy) and Paris - Val-de-Marne (France). The goal is to improve their attractiveness through natural and cultural heritage promotion as well as sustainable tourism development while contributing to decongest the crowded centre of these cities.

NECSTouR will provide added value to STAR Cities project at two levels: 1- Ensure communication and exchange of experience between the project partners and NECS Tour’s whole network; 2- Participate in the communication strategy by ensuring project visibility at European scale.

Moreover, as Marta Domper from the NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat stated during this kick-off meeting: “NECS Tour’s member Regions will contribute with their experience and good practices to achieve the main goals of this project and will learn at the same time about urban river tourism development”.

This first kick-off meeting set all the basis for a positive cooperation of all the parties. Now the work must be started!