NECSTouR Interregional Cooperation Inspires the UNWTO to face COVID-19 Impact

NECSTouR President Patrick Torrent positioned the work of NECSTouR in supporting regional tourism authorities to face the different phases of the COVID crisis at the UNWTO Affiliate members board meeting on 14th and 15th of July.

In this time of crisis, Tourism authorities are deeply interested in most relevant actions being carried out to face the crisis and NECSTouR was an example of optimising interregional cooperation to exchange and inspire knowledge translated into actions.


NECSTouR Message

NECSTouR calls for regional tourism authorities to deliver better policies for better products – stated Mr Torrent - and the European way is through projects so the political vision translated into action for a mosaic of European tourism ecosystem benchmarking sustainability and building better europe and better places to live and visit.”


We must drive regions – he continued - to be part of the tourism of tomorrow convention of commissioner Breton and jointly build the European agenda for tourism 2050 which it deserves. Meanwhile, we will keep supporting our tourism entrepreneurs because this season is not properly starting – so recovery plans are arriving but much more work to follow so the journey has just started!”


NECSTouR advocates for:

1. Interregional cooperation for sustainable tourism to transform business model while we build recovery of the industry

2. A proper European Tourism Policy and dedicated investments. The 27 May Package “the EU Next generation” proposes the recovery plan for Europe and mentions tourism as the most seriously hit sector and the Commission Staff Working Document puts the tourism ecosystem on top of the investment needs calculating €161Bn required. We must work to make possible this investments quickly.


3. We need to establish a shared responsibility approach: Regions must be at the core of the European debate for resuming and building a more sustainable tourism ecosystem because we have the competence and the governance of destinations


4. A one stop shop information and guidance about the greening and digital transition


5. Public private and citizens partnership


NECSTouR attended the meeting as member of the Board of UNWTO affiliate members.