The Balearic Islands Law on Waste and Polluted Soils

The Balearic Islands Law on Waste and Polluted Soils

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 16/06/2021

The Balearic Islands Law 8/2019 on Waste and Polluted Soils establishes the regulatory framework for waste with applications in the tourism industry, specially within the HORECA related sectors. The Law establishes objectives related to waste reduction, reutilization and recycling through a special focus on: i)Single Use Products related to food consumption II) Single Dose Products which will be completely banned by the end of the sanitary crisis III) Other products as coffee capsules and products with micro plastics as shampoos IV) Restrictions on the packaging which are responsibility of the product producer from its creation to its deliver V) Plastic bags which only those made by compostable material and/or composed by 50% of recyclable material are allowed in the Islands.

The implementation of the law by the HORECA sector has been very positive, showing engagement and commitment since the beginning.

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This good practice was presented at the NECSTouR Workshop "UNWTO initiatives tackling the “Greening” transition of destinations".
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