New Vision "Destination Zuid Limburg 2030"

New Vision "Destination South Limburg 2030"

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 16/06/2021

To positively influence the development of tourism, all municipal councils in South Limburg worked together for the first time in the 150-year touristic history of South Limburg to lay out a vision of tourism that would steer the tanker of tourism in South Limburg to a GREEN Destination.

This vision was called ‘Destination Zuid Limburg 2030’ (Destination South Limburg 2030). The new vision is built on five pillars: Quality, Enticing, Experience South Limburg's Great Stories, Sustainable Rejuvenation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Under all pillars, projects are currently ongoing. The vision is based on the line of thinking that rural and urban qualities must be in balance with one another and that there can only be flourishing tourism and a GREEN destination if there is solid cooperation between all actors and sectors which are involved in the touristic activities. Additionally, the tourism must be supported by the local residents. In short, it concerns an integral approach.

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This good practice was presented at the NECSTouR Workshop "UNWTO initiatives tackling the “Greening” transition of destinations".
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