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Travel to the Netherlands to participate in Spiritual Tourism Pilot Testing

Dec 02, 2016

We are still looking for young participants to take part in a free one-week pilot test in the Netherlands to experiment  activities related to Spirituality.

The Spirit Youth project is financed by the European program COSME and coordinated by NECSTOUR . It aims to develop a European transnational tourism itinerary for young people around the concept of Spiritual Tourism, understood in a global sense.

When : 24th to the 27th of  january  2017.


Patrick Torrent Presents the 6 NECSTouR Recommendations for the EU Joint Promotion in 2017

Nov 30, 2016


Patrick Torrents - President of NECStouR - intervened during the closing panel of the European Tourism Day 2016 and presented the 6 NECSTouR recommendations for "Joint Promotion of Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries in third Countries" for 2017.

2017 will be a particular year, that the United Nations declared as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.


NECSTouR supports the CoR own-initiative opinion on Tourism

Nov 29, 2016


During the European Tourism Day, Mr Patrick Torrent and Mr Jan Korthoudt - President and Vice-President of NECSTouR - had the occasion to meet with Mr Hanspeter Wagner, Mayor of the Municipality of Breitenwang and Rapporteur for the NAT Commission of the Committee of the Regions.

It was the occasion to exchange reciprocal priorities and express NECSTouR's support for the CoR own-initiative opinion on Tourism.


Pilot Testing in Prato Completed

Nov 28, 2016

The first pilot testing in Prato took place between 7-11 of November, and was a great success. 25 young people, from across Europe all travelled to Prato, in Tuscany, to participate in a range of spiritual tourism activities organised in and around city by local partners. These partners were engaged by the project partner, who are situated in the city. The testing lasted 3 days, and began with a welcome party for all the participants to meet one another.


Working Groups' Open Days

Nov 22, 2016


It is time for our Members to choose on which Working Groups being engaged and to cooperate together on the thematic of their choice!

On the 5th and 9th December we will organise virtual Open Days in order to present to our members all our Working Groups, gather their opinion and ideas and collect their engagement!

Are you a member?


Capacity Building Workshops Complete

Nov 18, 2016

Prior to the start of the Pilot Testing in each region, the partners held a workshop for the local tourism practitioners who would be providing the activities for the pilot testers. The participants were mainly local tourism SME’s or government bodies, such as tourism boards, who had an interest in providing spiritual tourism. The purpose of the workshops was to provide training to the practitioners on a variety of different factors that would be needed to create a successful spiritual tourism product.


SPIRIT YOUTH Workshop: Marketing and commercialisation of Spiritual Tourism for young consumers

Nov 17, 2016

The SPIRIT YOUTH workshop “Marketing and commercialisation of Spiritual Tourism for young consumers” is organised by the partners of the consortium of the project, lead by NECSTouR – Network of European Regions for a Competitive and Sustainable Tourism – with the support of the Catalonia Tourism Board. The workshop will be held in Barcelona on December 1, between 16-19h.


Spirit Youth project begins pilot testing of new European Spiritual Tourism destinations next month

Nov 03, 2016

Brussels, October 31 – Spirit Youth, a project established by the Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism, alongside 6 other European partners, will begin next month testing new Spiritual Tourism activities, in 3 locations. 75 European youth will travel to Prato (Italy), Montserrat (Catalonia) and South Limburg (the Netherlands) and test the activities organised by our partners, considering their feasibility as part of a European Spiritual Tourism itinerary.



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