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The University of Malaga has joined the Network!

Oct 02, 2016


We are very pleased to confirm that the Executive Committee of NECSTouR has approved the adhesion of the University of Malaga to the Network, as an Academic Member.
Please receive a warm welcome to NECSTouR!


"The University of Malaga is new member of NECSTouR. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and exchange on tourism" With this tweet, the University of Malaga celebrated the adhesion to NECStouR.



Today, the new communication platform of NECSTouR is officially launched!

Sep 26, 2016

Since 2007 NECSTouR has been at the forefront of European tourism policy, lobbying to strengthen the presence of regions in the European arena.

To implement our Strategy, communication is becoming more and more important and the last month of June, NECSTouR’s Annual General Meeting approved an ambitious communication plan that is bringing now its first outcomes.

Today, the new communication platform of NECSTouR is officially launched!



A First Year full of Satisfaction for the European Tourism Manifesto

Sep 16, 2016

The latest General Assembly of the European Tourism Manifesto has been held on the 16th of September in Brussels.


It has been the occasion to analyse the Activity report 2015 and especially to celebrate the first year of life for this important working group which involves many Organisations dealing with Tourism at European Level. NECSTouR is one of them and representatives from the Permanent Secretariat were attending the event.



Pilot Testing Activities

Aug 19, 2016

Soon we will begin the pilot testing phase of the project! In this, young people from across Europe will travel to our partner destinations - Prato, South Limburg and Montserrat - and take part in spiritual activities established by our partners. 

These activities will potentially form a European spiritual tourism intinerary and the pilot testing will help us to refine the activities offered, based upon the feedback from the pilot testers and the experiences of our partners.

There are a range of activities on offer; for more informaiton on them, read on below!



European Week of Regions and Cities: Our List of Sessions about Tourism

Aug 18, 2016

As usual, NECStouR will dedicate many attention and will actively participate into the 14th European Week of Regions and Cities.
The event will be held from the 10th to the 13rd of October 2016 at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels. This is the annual opportunity to focus on the challenges currently facing Europe's regions and cities.
Under the headline ‘Regions and cities for sustainable and inclusive growth’, some 100 sessions, seminars and meetings will be organized alongside the following thematic strands:



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