Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in the Danish West Coast Partnership

Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in the Danish West Coast Partnership

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 23/03/2022

Pre-crisis Situation

Overall, there is not a lot of Russian visitors:

  • 2019: 1435 overnight stays
  • 2020: 322 overnight stays
  • 2021: 432 overnight stays


Current Situation

The data source for bookings are only publish 2 months after the booking-month. Therefore, it is too soon to tell if the crisis has an impact on the bookings.

Since tourists are from neighbouring countries, they do not expect the current crisis to have much effect on the tourism industry in terms of bookings.


Economic Consequences

Petrol, gas, and electricity costs are increasing in Denmark, which overall is an expensive destination to begin with.

No impact has been detected in the intention of travelling to Denmark.

The rising prices in petrol, gas and electricity might spur on the general transition towards paying for what you use in the summerhouses, instead of paying a set amount for electricity, water, and heating.


Measures taken


The municipalities in Denmark are preparing to welcome Ukrainian refugees.[1]

Municipalities are coordinating efforts in securing accommodation. The municipalities, businesses and private people are all offering accommodation to the refugees.

The municipalities are working on different measures to welcome the refugees and make sure that schools, healthcare etc. are accessible to the refugees. 


[1] The national law enabling the municipalities to take measures in welcoming refugees was passed on Wednesday the 16th of March.

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