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NECSTouR Director Speaks at DG GROW Tourism Unit Transition Pathway for Tourism Stakeholder Event

As we continue to implement our key work programme missions towards achieving a more sustainable tourism of tomorrow, these also align with the European Commission's Tourism Transition Pathway and their Call for Commitments to the Pathway.

Job Vacancy: Network Marketing and Communication Manager

Are you the networking master, the communications expert, the marketing guru looking to join a European dynamic community dealing with tourism-related projects and policies based in Brussels? We are NECSTouR - the voice of the European regions for sustainable tourism. Let’s talk!

NECSTouR wants to help build the future of BEST MED and DESTIMED PLUS

NECSTouR was invited to take part in the policy session of the joint final event of the Interreg MED projects DESTIMED PLUS and BEST MED, hosted in Rome by Lazio Region on June 21. The event brought together key actors in the field of sustainable tourism and conservation to discuss how to better connect and integrate the initiatives of both projects. Thomas Guillot, project officer in NECSTouR took part in the session on “International and European Tourism policies for sustainable and responsible tourism”.

Report: Star Cities Starts Its Final Phase in Hamburg

After a successful meeting in Ljubljana, all partners of the Interreg Europe project STAR Cities met again in Hamburg (Germany) on the 5th and 6th of May 2022. The workshop and study visits were hosted by the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg. NECSTouR was happy to be among them.

NECSTouR Intervenes in High-Level "Transition of EU tourism – EU Funding Opportunities" Webinar

On 20 June 2022, NECSTouR's Director presented testimony and good practices of using EU funds for tourism in practice at the "Transition of EU tourism – EU Funding Opportunities" Webinarorganised by the European Commission and Committee of the Regions.

NECSTouR showcases good practices for the four pillars of InCircle

Thomas Guillot, project officer in NECSTouR permanent Secretariat, was invited to deliver a keynote on the “main bottlenecks and opportunities for Sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean” during the Interreg MED InCircle final event in Barcelona, taking place one day before the II MED Sustainable Tourism Convention.

NECSTouR supports WINTERMED Policy Recommendations for Better Cooperation in the MED

As WINTERMED’s associated partner and their horizontal angel in the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism community, NECSTouR was invited to take part in the policy section of WINTERMED Final and Capitalisation Event on May 31st. The theme was "Shared vision and commitment to year-round sustainable tourism in Mediterranean island destinations and beyond", the policy section included the participation of Josiane Cutajar (MEP) and Valentina Superti (European Commission).

NECSTouR speaks at Gaia-X Tourism Data Space Event

On Thursday 9 June 2022 Cristina Nuñez, NECSTouR Director, and Ana Moniche BermejoSenior Analyst, Turismo Andaluz and NECSTouR Tourism of Tomorrow Lab, were pleased to give a keynote address at the Tourism Data Spaces online event "How Can Dataspaces Contribute to the Tourism Development in Europe Through Citizen-Centred Offerings" by Gaia-X, the frontr

European Cultural Tourism Awards 2022

‘Relaunching European Tourism through Cultural Heritage & Digitalisation’ is the overall theme of the European Cultural Tourism Awards 2022.

Get ready for the Interreg Euro-MED Academy Program on Funding Opportunities and Cooperation Mechanisms

The Interreg Euro-MED Academy Learning Programme on “Funding cooperation mechanisms and opportunities for a sustainable Mediterranean” Learning Programme aims to reflect on the future of European Territorial Cooperation and present several ways of improvement in the Mediterranean. Courses start on June 13, 2022.