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"Bollettino Europeo" July-August 2018: News and Activities from Ca' Veneto, the Veneto's Delegation in Brussels


The summer edition of "Bollettino Veneto" reports on the meeting between NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat and the the Veneto's Delegation in Brussels and the presentation of the Project San Fermo of Verona at the European Parliament, moderated by NECSToUR.    

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#ScotlandIsNow Campaign Presentation


#ScotlandIsNow is the Scottish cross sectoral campaign to encourage people to not only visit but to live, study, work and invest in Scotland.

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NECSTouR Smart Specialisation Platform as a Concrete Example to Invest in the European Tourism of Tomorrow


NECSTouR has been represented by the Region of Andalusia at the 2nd UNWTO World Conference on Smart Destinations which has been organised in Oviedo form the 25 to the 27 June 2018.

NECSTouR shares examples on the Contribution of Tourism to Social and Cultural Sustainability


NECSTouR contributed to the Interactive Workshop about the "Contribution of Tourism Promotion to Cultural Heritage", organised by the European Travel Commission (ETC) on the 21st of June in Berlin and supported by Europa Nostra.

NECSTouR Comments in Malaga the Overall Plan for Tourism Sustainability of Andalusia


The Region of Andalusia- Member of NECSTouR - presented in Malaga on the 11th of June its new overall plan for Tourism Sustainability 2021-2025 through an international forum entitled "Designing the Future"

NECSTouR's Vision on a Well Balanced Tourism Promotion Presented at the AITR's Debate on the "Overtourism"


The Italian Association of Responsible Tourism (AITR) - an Associate Member of NECSTouR - organised in the framework of the ITACA Festival in Bologna a roundtable on the so-called "overtourism" with the title "Inhabitants VS Tourists: Responsible Tourism showing the Way".

NECSTouR Presents the Needs and the Potential of European Regions in the Field of Coastal and Maritime Tourism at the NAT Commission Meeting


NECSTouR has been invited to present its experience on Coastal and Maritime (C&M) Tourism on the occasion of a specific roundtable, on the occasion of the External Commission Meeting of the European Committee of the Regions Commission of Natural Resources (NAT) organised in Pylos on the 24th of May.

NECSTouR contributed to the Debate about Connecting Europe through Innovation


The President of NECSTouR has been invited to present the contribution of NECSTouR Regions to Tourism and Innovation, on the occasion of the second edition of the high-level debate on "Connecting Europe Through Innovation", which has been organised at the Romanian Parliament on the 17th of May 2018.

Search the Med Tool is launched!


The tool launched by the Med Sustainable Tourism Community

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community is glad to announce that the 'Search the Med' tool has been officially launched.

The "Search the Med" tool embodies a fully customizable search engine providing access to a wide range of documents related to tourism sustainability issues with particular focus on Mediterranean. It could be considered as a multi-source repository of sources regarding the sustainability of tourism and with particular emphasis on the Mediterranean region.

Awards 2018 Special Edition: Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism


Cultural tourism is the fastest growing sector of European tourism and can contribute both to the sustainability and competitiveness of tourism in the European Union and beyond and to the sustainable future of heritage sites and local communities.

Valencia Region the new Coordinator of NECSTouR Working Group on Innovation, Tourism Skills and Education


NECSTouR Working Group on Innovation, Tourism Skills and Education will be until now coordinated by the Region of Valencia.