Project Summary

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The project aims at internationally position Europe as an integral destination of quality and excellence for cultural tourism, by promoting its most charming rural villages and making the most of CCIs technologies to provide an unforgettable experience to visitors

The project started in May 2019 and will:

  • Build strategic consensus between public & private stakeholders for the making up of a transnational route of 10 European Charming Villages across 6 EU countries with a solid and competitive offer for visitors;
  • Foster the creation of at least 70 innovative products & activities in these villages coming from transnational value chains made of tourist agents & integrating cutting-edge CCIs technologies to reinforce their attractiveness;
  • Develop a sound promotional, branding, and cross-selling strategy to enhance the international visibility and reputation of Europe as an integral cultural destination, targeting the right segments & key outbound markets


Role of NECSTouR

NECSTouR is bringing its expertise and experience of other cases from other European Regions. It also lead the designing the CHARM Communication, Promotional and Commercialisation Plan.

Besides NECSTouR, two other NECSTouR members are in the Partnership Consortium: Catalan Tourism Board (lead Partners) and Institute for Tourism Research in Northern Europe