EURO-EMOTUR main goal is to boost the uptake of digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and capacity building. This will lead to generating a digital innovation ecosystem and hub and improving their competitiveness in the market through digitalisation. This project pays special attention to neuromarketing techniques to boost the digital reputation of SMEs and increase their performance and KPIs both in the short and long term.

EURO-EMOTUR is co-funded by EISMEA - COSME Programme of the European Union under grant agreement 101038111


Role of NECSTouR

NECSTouR is providing support to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Canary Islands (a NECSTouR region) in communication, dissemination, and reporting on the improvement in the uptake of digitalization by SMEs.

NECSTouR is providing support to ETOA on the selection, evaluation and engagement with SMEs following the Open Call of Euro-Emotur. As well, as support in promotion and communication at EU Level about the project milestones (The EURO-EMOTUR AWARD will be awarded during the final event).

In the development of a digital ecosystem hub to guarantee the sustainability of the project by the Lead Partner, University of Las Palmas (a NECSTouR member), NECSTouR have a critical role to scale this project up to other tourism SMEs and NECSTouR regions.

Another NECSTouR member, the University of applied sciences in Finland is providing technical assistance to the selected SMEs on neuromarketing and digital innovation.

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News and Best Practices

Be Travel Onlife 2022

On 29-30 November 2022, Tuscany Region organised the Be Travel Onlife Conference in Florence.

As partner of the event, some of the NECSTouR members shared their best practices and inspired a number of panels.

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NECSTouR Activity Report 2021

In 2021, through working together with our members and partners, NECSTouR accomplished our strategic objectives and a variety of important achievements. Our Activity Report 2021 outlines this work and provides an overview of what that went into making 2021 another successful year for us.


Download the Activity Report 2021