The Regional Council of Lapland is a joint municipal board formed by its 21 member municipalities. Its basic administrative principles are governed by the Local Government Act (Kuntalaki), no. 365 (1995) and in the basic agreement approved by the member municipalities. The Regional Council of Lapland is one of the 19 regional councils in Finland. The decision-making processes of the regional councils are based on municipal democracy.

A trip to Lapland is a meaningful experience that stimulate all the senses and feelings, leaving permanent memories are very easy to find in Lapland. Unique weather conditions and the power of nature make the senses much more sensitive to stimulation. This means that you can obtain your meaningful experiences by simply traversing nature and exploring Lapland’s diverse culture and sights.

For more information visit: www.lappi.fi/lapinliitto



Regional Council of Lapland
Hallituskatu 20B, P.O. BOX 8065
Rovaniemi, Finland


Mika Riipi