NECSTouR is…


…The Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism. It brings together around 35 regions of Europe with a strong competency in tourism, as well as tourism-related academic organisations such as universities and research institutes, and representatives of sustainable and responsible tourism business associations and networks from around 20 Countries of the European Economic Area.
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Since 2007 NECSTouR has been at the forefront of European tourism policy, lobbying to strengthen the presence of regional destinations in the European arena.


"We cannot manage what we cannot measure"

NECSTouR develops a coherent framework for the coordination of regional development programmes and research on sustainable and competitive tourism. This activity follows the European Commission Communication “Europe, the world's No 1 tourist destination – a new political framework for tourism in Europe” (COM (2010) 352), since this provides a key reference for the European system of indicators for the sustainable management of destinations (article 9).

NECSTouR also takes forward this work through a number of Working Groups. You can find out more about them here


NECSTouR Vision

NECSTouR works for the Tourism of Tomorrow. Together we aim to build up a Touristic Europe based on our Competitive and Sustainable Tourism Model. Tourism is a major economic activity in the European Union. It has experienced continued growth and deepened ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world with wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment and social development.  

What's Sustainable and Competitive Tourism?
"Creating the right balance between the welfare of tourists, the needs of the natural and cultural environment and the development and competitiveness of destinations and business", Agenda for a Competitive and Sustainable tourism 2007COM(621).  


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What We Do

Tourism is a recent European policy, which entitles only the support competence of the Union although a vast majority of European policies, and their respective regulatory measures, have a direct influence in the tourism industry. As such, the necessity to raise awareness about it among the territorial stakeholders who are part of its live implementation justifies the existence and role of NECSTouR to:

  1. Increase KNOWLEDGE: Collection, exchange and evaluation of good practices of sustainable and competitive tourism policies;
  2. Increase JOINT ACTIVITIES: Development of projects, facilitate partner search, dissemination of project ideas and progresses;
  3. Increase EXPERTISE
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