Knowledge Hub

The NECSTouR Knowledge Hub stems from the willingness to create a user-friendly space where NECSTouR members can:

  • Have access to the expertise and learnings the network constantly generates
  • Upload information related to their organization initiatives, latest news and events
  • Find the most updated information related to the network’s and member’s working actions


At the core of the NECSTouR Knowledge Hub you will find the NECSTouR Inter-Regional strategy 2019-2021 a must-read for all NECSTouR members!


The NECSTouR Knowledge Hub is displayed around 3 sections:

  • Thematic Areas: NECSTouR's Thematic Priorities relate to the NECSTouR 5S of the Sustainable Tourism of Tomorrow: a set of 5 cross-cutting priorities aiming to support NECSTouR regions in their transition towards Sustainable, Innovative and Inclusive destinations.
  • Strategic Actions: NECSTouR Strategic Initiatives address through a cross-cutting approach the NECSTouR 5S of the Sustainable Tourism of Tomorrow, becoming the backbones of the NECSTouR strategy 2019-2021
  • Task Forces: NECSTouR Task Forces aim is to bring together some NECSTouR members to accomplish a short/mid-term goal on a specific topic arising from the NECSTouR 5 S of the Sustainable Tourism of Tomorrow.


The NECSTouR Knowledge Hub is being deployed through  NECSTouR programme “Driving behavioural change for European sustainable destinations through trans-regional cooperation” which aims at supporting its members in leading the change towards the Tourism of Tomorrow Destinations.

The programme was launched on the 16th and 17th September 2019: find the outputs here!

    Thematic Areas

    Strategic Actions

    Task Forces